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Update from the Michigan Department of Transportation.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is planning upgrades at the intersection of M-89 and M-43 (32nd and D Avenue).  Initially, the work was planned for a mid-April timeframe.  After discussions with Consumers Energy, who will need to upgrade electrical equipment to support the MDOT changes, the project has been pushed out until mid-June, when school will be out and related traffic will be reduced. June 16, 17 and 18 are now part of the expected timeframe, when Consumers Energy will install new electrical lines.  While we don’t yet have all of the details of the MDOT work, communication is continuing.  Consumers Energy also will need to replace utility poles for the project – and the company is now pursuing a mid-May, weekend project – with work occurring during mid-night hours to decrease the potential impact on local business and residential customers.