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A message from Consumers Energy for the Richland Community

A message from Consumers Energy:
We were approached last year by MDOT with a request to relocate our electric lines and utility poles in the Village of Richland at the intersection of D Avenue and 32nd Street (M-89 and M-43). The MDOT project will allow traffic light upgrades that require taller utility poles – so all attached utility service lines need to be moved higher, which requires the replacement of several utility poles with higher attachment points.
The MDOT project was postponed and rescheduled for this year, due to budget considerations. Because the intersection is essential to safe traffic flow, MDOT has agreed to work with us on closing it down and establishing a detour. Right now, we are trying to coordinate the project to start roughly around 4/17/2017 and be complete by 4/28/2017.
Best wishes,
Dennis McKee
Consumers Energy