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Chauntelle Boot

School Social Worker


Phone: 269.548.3712

Welcome to Ryan Intermediate! As the school social worker I have the privilege of interacting with all students in the building. I provide classroom lessons relating to friendship, problem solving and managing emotions. I also facilitate small groups as the need arises and meet individually with students as requested by parents. I work closely with our community mental health school based liaison to link families with services and resources in the community.

Lyndsay Juday

Special Ed TC


Phone: 269.548.3731

J Linebaugh

Jay Linebaugh



Phone:  269.548.3733

Welcome to Ryan Intermediate:

As a School Interventionist I teach, guide and motivate students to become self-sufficient learners . My community connections allow Ryan Intermediate students to tap into local resources that challenge them to become more gifted leaders, problem solvers and community members. Through the use of restorative justice our building is improving its social climate one relationship at a time.  Steven Covey's seven habits are the backbone of our character education. Hallway passing time is filled with extra math questions to stimulate young minds.  Intermediate students use and practice the four parts of a business handshake to enhance their social skills. 

Melissa Reynolds

Melissa Reynolds

School Counselor


Phone:  269.548.3779

I'm thrilled to be at Ryan Intermediate as the school counselor.  I am here to support all students on Team Ryan with social-emotional growth, learner behaviors, and emotional regulation.  The intermediate years are a wonderful time for students to gain independence and grow as individuals.  It can also be a challenging time for students to navigate friendships, resolve conflicts, and develop organizational skills needed for academic success.  I have previous experience as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and school counselor in grades Y5-8th.  I am also a mom of three, and can relate to both the joys and challenges of parenting children at this age level.  Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or requests for support. I'm happy to help!