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5th Grade Field Trip Information


Picture of Sherman Lake YMCA sign at entrance

Our team is excited to announce that we will be partnering with our very Own Sherman Lake YMCA  on a fall half day camp sampling and a spring three day, two night Residential Camp experience.  More details to come as we develop and create the camp experience we want for our students. 


Students have two opportunities to offset the cost of their trip

1.  as 4th graders they sell first aid kits over the winter months

2.  as 5th graders they sell wreaths October 14-November 3



Wreath Sales
Money and orders due:  Thursday, November 3

Picture of wreath

Half Day Introduction at 
Sherman Lake YMCA


Team A:  October 28th
Hop, Minger, Monroe, Van Egmond

Team B:  November 1st.
Bertolino, Harkness, Remillet, Sherman, Launder