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Kelso's Choices

Positive Behavior Supports

Richland Elementary uses Positive Behavior Support as a school wide approach to teach students proper behavior.  What does this mean?  It means that teachers regularly review with their students the behavior expectations of Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility, defining and demonstrating specific behavior expectations.  Students are consistently reminded throughout the building how to behave properly, and then receive praise and reinforcement when they demonstrate those behaviors.  When we see students not following the expectations, we correct and then teach them proper behavior. 


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What are Kelso's Choices?

Kelso's Choices is a conflict management program taught to all children at Richland Elementary.  We all know that conflict and disagreement are normal and happen when kids get together, but at school we try to teach kids that hurting each other through our words or actions are unacceptable ways to solve conflict.  Kelso, a frog, teaches us that we can solve most problems by ourselves, and there is help available for our big problems.  For Small Problems, problems we can solve ourselves, we can try two of the following:

  1. Share and take turns
  2. Respectfully talk it over and listen to each other
  3. Walk away from the problem
  4. Ignore the problem behavior
  5. Tell the person to stop the problem behavior
  6. Apologize
  7. Make a deal or compromise
  8. Wait and cool off
  9. Go to another game or activity

If two of these ideas do not work, then students are advised to ask for help from an adult they trust.  

For Big Problems, problems that cause a child to get injured or feel threatened or frightened, students should go straight to an adult they trust.  We instruct students that even if they solve a big problem themselves, they should still let an adult at school know so we can help the student demonstrating those "bigger" behaviors.  

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Depending on student need, multiple groups are offered throughout the year including:

Friends Group

Problem Solving

Anger Management


Changing Families

Most groups meet once a week for 6-8 weeks and involve 3-6 children.   Please feel free to contact Mr. Pung if you are interested in having your student attend one of the above groups or to suggest an additional topic!