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Program Information

K-12 Program Options
  • 6 courses in the schedule  per semester

  • Take core/essential courses & electives

  • Will be considered full time public school students

  • Eligible for GLVP diploma

  • Participate in state assessments

  • Take 4 or fewer courses per semester

  • May take elective courses only (non-core/non-essential classes)

  • Maintain home school status

  • Blends schedule with a Gull Lake building enrollment

  • Coordinate with building principal/counselor to arrange


Types of Courses

100% Virtual

Fully online courses 

“any time, any place, any pace”

Flex App

Flex App

a variety of methods for accessing the weekly application opportunities

Project Based

Project Based

is designed around student led project(s), do not have moodle or a virtual curriculum

(GL courses only)
Optional LIVE learning experiences that allow students to meet and interact with teachers, peers, and community experts to apply the learning of their online GLVP course.
Independent Study
Independent Study

Independent study is a type of learning experience that is academic in nature that allows the pupil an opportunity for self-directed learning.