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Art Club

Advisor: Mary East


Phone; 269.548.3668

Take your passion of art to the next level with this teacher-guided tour of your own art interests.

Try your hand at drawing, acrylic or watercolor painting, clay and papier mache sculpture, and much much more!

  • Art Club is EVERY Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:30-4:00 - Snacks are Welcome!                                                        (There will be NO supervision after 4:00, if you are running late, your child can wait in the back lobby area).
  • Parents who pick up: Meet your child in the BACK of the MS building.
  • After Club busing transportation, if available, will be provided. Please email me ahead of time with your child’s address and full name to PRE-set up a bus pass.
  • A shuttle from the High School to the Middle School will be provided...a Bus Pass is needed to ride this bus.    
  • There will NOT be art club on any half days, conference dates, snow days, or at times, when I become ill. An announcement will be made for emergency cancellations so your child can make arrangements for after school transportation. 

Payment Information


Community Education Registration fees are handled SEPARATELY from Supply Fees (check written to Mary East).

Please provide SEPARATE checks.  PAYMENTS must be CURRENT in order to ATTEND Class!!!!

One class is $3.00 to Community Education and $3.00 to Mary East.

Multiply that amount by how many classes you want your child to attend.

Provide the total amount in TWO separate checks.

Both checks can be brought to me and I will send your registration paperwork and payment to Community Ed for you!

Example:                                                                     10 classes = $30 to community education                                      $30 to Mary East for supplies.

I start an electronic punch card, he/she signs in when they come to a "class" and I take off one class out of the 10.

When they are down to two classes, I let the student know to sign up for more classes if they want to.

Art Club Registration Form

First page of the PDF file: ARTCLUBRegistrationForm