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This year, I am excited to work with students and their teachers and families in becoming the best they can be! I will be offering students more opportunities to focus on growing academically and personally and hope they gain confidence and hope for their future. As the school social worker, I look forward to helping students develop their unique strengths, deepen their relationships with others and learn to achieve personal goals. If you think your son or daughter would benefit from one of the opportunities listed below, please feel free to call or email to let me know!

Small Groups:                                                

  • Understanding and Managing Emotions (Anxiety, Anger, Sadness…)
  • Building and Strengthening Friendships (Social skills, Conflict resolution…)
  • Reducing the impact of Stress (Stress management, organization…)

Classroom based:

  • Second Step: A Social-Emotional curriculum designed for adolescents.
  • Zones of Regulation: A program to improve self-awareness and self-regulation of emotions, sensory needs or behavior.
  • Personal Safety: Building awareness and self-confidence to provide for one’s personal safety.