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Phone: 269-548-3652

About Mrs. Vert

Mrs. Vert currently teaches Accelerated 7/8ELA and 7ELA on the 7Blue Team at the middle school.  She earned her teaching degree at Northern Michigan University in 2001 and her masters from Walden University in 2007. Mrs. Vert has taught in the Gull Lake District since 2002.



1st Hour (PLAN) 7:31 to 8:31

2nd Hour(7ELA) 8:35 to 9:31

3rd Hour (7/8ELA) 9:35 to 10:31 

Advisory 10:35 to 11:01

Lunch 11:01 to 11:35

5th Hour (7ELA)11:35 to 12:31

6th Hour (7ELA) 12:35 to 1:31

7th Hour (7/8ELA) 1:35 to 2:31



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