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Debate & Model United Nations

Welcome to Gull Lake Debate and Model United Nations!

We are a lively and engaged team of students who put forth the time and energy after school to prepare to argue, negotiate, and reason our way to wins in both debate and model UN tournaments all over the state and the nation. Known as GLDMUN ("Goldmun") for short, we are part of a proud tradition that began in 2015 under the leadership of Coach Sheila Wood (English teacher).

Model UN:

Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations assemblies in which students are assigned to represent a country as a delegate. They take part in a committee such as NATO, UNESCO, SOCHUM, etc. and debate two issues over the course of a weekend. They must use Parliamentary Procedure and Robin's Rules, wear Western business attire, and speak informally only during informal caucuses. The conferences take place in hotel conference centers and universities. Our tournaments take us to Chicago, Lansing, Washington DC, and more. Practices are weekly for two hours each.

Advisor: Mrs. Wood


Phone: 269.548.3496

Model UN meets on Wednesday's @ 6:00 pm 

We compete all over Southern Michigan in Public Forum Debate. This is a team format, 2 v 2, during which a resolution is argued. Teams must be prepared to argue both the affirmative (pro) and the negative (con) of each resolution as a coin toss decides which side they will argue in a given round. This activity strengthens critical thinking, public speaking, and skills in argumentation and debate. We practice at least once/week for two hours. Students in debate report that they are far better at writing, speaking, and critical thinking after participating in debate. 

Advisors: Mrs. Wood/Ms.Barron


Phone: 269.548.3496/269.548.3494

Debate meets on Thursday's @ 6:00 pm