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Mrs. Anne Flynn




1st TRI SCHEDULE 2020:

1st Block     Concepts of Physics A

2nd Block    Physics A

3rd Block    Physics A

4th Block    Physics A

5th Block    Plan

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Welcome to my homepage!  This is my 19th year of teaching, with the last ten years at Gull Lake High School.  I grew up near Buffalo, NY (thus am a HUGE Buffalo Bills fan!).  I attended the University of Iowa on a track/cross country scholarship (Go Hawks!), and after initially studying biomedical engineering, earned an undergraduate degree in biochemistry.  Teaching new people coming into the research lab drew me towards science education, and I received my MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) also from the University of Iowa.  I am certified to teach all the sciences 7-12, but have focused my efforts towards Physics, Astronomy, and Chemistry.  My favorite part of my job is to instill the same enthusiasm for science I have into my students.  I love to learn, and I want my students to approach each day in class as an opportunity to grow and find out more about this amazing universe we all share!