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High School Performing Arts

Lisa Oulette

Lisa Ouellette


Phone: 269.548.3582

Classes Available During the School Day

Intro to Drama/Theatre - an introduction to Theatre performance and technology, an active, fun, challenging, and creative class. 

Beginning Acting - invites students to explore the art of acting through a variety of creative experiences. 

Advanced Theatre Studio - an advanced study/practice in theatre performance and technology, for the more serious theatre student. 

Oral Tradition I (storytelling) - an introduction to the magical world of storytelling, teaching the powerful life skill of storytelling. 

Oral Tradition II (story caravan) - students are invited to expand their storytelling skills through telling in area elementary, middle, and high schools. 

Activities Available for Grades 9-12

Stratford Theatre Trip - occurs in October, students travel to Stratford, Ontario for world-class theatre performances, workshops, and tours.

Haunted Theatre - consists of high school storytellers telling safe spooky tales to elementary children through Halloween day story concerts, and haunted theatre.

A-Team (Apprentice team) - occurs all year long. Interested student theatre technicians, “techies,” meet once a week to learn lighting, sound and scenic construction, from our technical director.

Fall/Winter Production - involves from fifty to sixty Gull Lake students grades 9-12 producing a play, and performing for the community and school audiences. This production may participate in state theatre touring competition as well. This production begins the first week of December and can run until the third week of February.

Story Caravan -  high school storytellers from Oral Tradition class, traveling to elementary schools in S.W. Michigan. Our high school tellers “spin yarns” for young audiences during “March is Reading Month,” providing literacy role models for the younger children.

One - Act Playfest - consists of student actors and technicians in senior directed one-act plays. This event combines with the high school bands, choir, dance, creative writing, and visual artists, for a spring showcase of the arts entitled FESTIVAL OF THE SENSES. This production begins the last week of March and ends the first week of May.

Parent Involvement

GLCS Fine Arts Foundation -  is a group of enthusiastic parents and community members who are committed to supporting educational arts activities designed to foster the visual, musical and performing arts for all students, grades K through 12, in the Gull Lake Community Schools.