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Tru2U Gateway Mental Health Grant

Our friends at true2u counseling is offering one graduating student an opportunity to not only receive some extra cash but also to improve their mental health and learn how to utilize their resources.  This grant will be valued at $500 in cash or gift cards per the students’ request.

What do you have to do to be eligible to receive this grant?  So glad you asked!!!

Write a minimum 1-page (400 words) as to how you've grown as a person in regards to your mental health.  Include any resources or things you have utilized to help get you where you are now as compared to when the school year began.  Even if you feel like you haven’t grown, just write your story and submit it.  We would bet you have grown more than you realize!

Submissions will be due by email to either Dennis or Hillary.  The winner will be announced before graduation. 

Include how you would want to receive your $500 (cash or gift cards) if you are chosen.  If you have any questions or would like some help with your submission feel free to reach out to Dennis or Hillary.


Thank you and good luck SENIORS!!!!

Dennis LeClear and Hillary Smith