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Scholarship Applications

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2023 Scholarship Applications are due on 

May 1, 2023

Blair Holden Memorial Scholarship

The Blair Holden Memorial Scholarship was established in 2012 by the Holden Family and the Gull Lake Area Rotary Club to honor the memory of Blair Holden. Blair was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a member of their ROTC program. He and his wife, Olga, raised their three daughters in Okemos, Michigan, where he was an enthusiastic supporter of education and community and where he completed 37 years for Sears, Inc., finishing as a store manager. Blair enjoyed sailing on Gull Lake (where he maintained a home) and in Florida and had been a member of the Gull Lake Area Rotary Club since 1993. Blair was well known in the Rotary and the Gull Lake area for his support of the 4th of July Raffle and his great sense of humor. 


$500; renewable for up to 4 consecutive terms (up to 2 years), with an annual amount not to exceed $1,000 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • The applicant must be attending the Gull Lake Gateway as a graduating senior or have graduated from the Gull Lake Gateway Academy in the previous 12 months. 
  • Financial need will be considered. 
  • The scholarship recipient must attend an accredited post-secondary college or school, full-time or part-time, beginning the summer or fall immediately following graduation. 

Application Instructions 

The following must be turned into Lynnette Walker, Gateway Academy Supervisor.

  • One completed copy of the Scholarship Application 
  • One brief, typewritten essay (250-500 words) that describes: 
  • What are your future educational plans? 
  • Why you believe you are ready for your future plans? 
  • How you were prepared by the Gateway Academy experience? 
  • How this scholarship will help you financially? 


There will be an interview process following review of the completed applications. 

Eligible Expenses and Renewal Criteria 

Scholarship funds may be used toward tuition, and related educational costs, including books, lab and equipment fees and transportation. Eligible expenses will be reviewed by the Blair Holden Memorial Scholarship committee. The scholarship recipient may renew this scholarship for 4 consecutive terms (up to 2 years), providing the following criteria is met:

  • The student provides a course schedule and student ID number to the Gull Lake Community School Foundation. 
  • The student submits a budget of financial needs to Mrs. Walker, Gull Lake Gateway Academy. 
  • The student provides monthly email or telephone reports about academic progress to Mrs. Walker. 
  •  The student maintains a 2.0 GPA. 
  • Should circumstances require that a scholarship recipient must limit enrollment to a part-time status,
  • Consideration will be given to the recipient to extend the period of eligibility of the scholarship as long as the recipient is continuously enrolled in a course of study and the Blair Holden Memorial Scholarship committee approves the extension. 



Beth Palmatier Gateway Scholarship

The Beth Palmatier Gateway Scholarship was created by the Palmatier family to honor Beth Palmatier, a long time Gull Lake Community Schools employee. Beth was also a great friend of Gateway Academy and was much loved by our students. 

Submit a 2-3 minute video explaining how Gateway has impacted your life. Include any obstacles you've overcome (or are currently overcoming). Share your vision about your future:  where do you see yourself, what do you have to do to get there?

If you receive the scholarship, how would you use it?

Submit video to Mrs. Walker at

The Beth Palmatier Gateway Scholarship is $1000.

tru2u Gateway Mental Health Grant

True2U counseling is offering one graduating student an opportunity to not only receive some extra cash but also to improve their mental health and learn how to utilize their resources.  This grant will be valued at $500 in cash or gift cards per the students’ request.


What do you have to do to be eligible to receive this grant?  So glad you asked!!!


Write a minimum 1-page (400 words) as to how you've grown as a person in regards to your mental health.  Include any resources or things you have utilized to help get you where you are now as compared to when the school year began.  Even if you feel like you haven’t grown, just write your story and submit it.  We would bet you have grown more than you realize!


Submissions will be due by email to either Dennis or Hillary two weeks before graduation (May 17th).  The winner will be announced before graduation. 


Include how you would want to receive your $500 (cash or gift cards) if you are chosen.  If you have any questions or would like some help with your submission feel free to reach out to Dennis or Hillary.


Thank you and good luck SENIORS!!!!

Dennis LeClear and Hillary Smith



The Lambert Family Scholarship is sponsored by the family of Karen Braddy Lambert and Steve Lambert.  This scholarship and recognizes an individual in the Gateway Academy who exemplifies strong, proven leadership qualities as well as participation in a variety of volunteer and community service activities.  The individual that earns this scholarship is a positive, hardworking, selfless individual that is eager and willing to go the extra mile.

This individual is focused on giving back, leaving a process or situation better than the way they found it.  This individual leads by example, is humble, caring and empathetic while regularly exemplify a self-deprecating personality.  He/she is focused on giving back by helping others succeed through mentoring and takes pride in his/her work.

Annually, the Lambert family will accept nominations from individuals in Gateway Academy exemplifying these qualities and characteristics. The $1000 grant can be used towards any continuing education or college related expenses.

If you or someone you know should be considered for this award, please see Mrs. Walker

Gull Lake Area Rotary Club Skilled Trades Scholarship

GLCS senior; planning a career in a vocational or skilled trade; must exemplify the philosophy of the Rotary Four-Way Test and the Rotary Motto “Service Above Self;" must attend a recognized, certified, and approved educational program.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship please visit the Gull Lake Community Schools Foundation website at: