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To those who have asked about attending graduation, as of today's date, June 5, 2020, we are limited to 100 people and will not be inviting the public.

This saddens all of us as Gateway graduation in THE district event that everyone wants to attend (and we all know that I ain't lyin').

We are hoping that Michigan is in Stage 5 before July 1, and the 100 person limit will no longer be in effect.

Keep coming back to this site for more information.


We will be live streaming the event


Graduation is July 1, 2020

The governor is allowing  gatherings of up to 100 (as of today) with social distancing. I do not know if this will change by July 1.  


All seniors need to be done with classes by June 10, 5pm.  I will know by then how many students will qualify to graduate. Once I have that number, I will determine how many guests each graduate may invite, if we are still limited to 100 at our ceremony. Graduation will be a ticketed event if nothing changes.

Please know that none of our staff want this to happen. We have never had to limit the number of guests at graduation but this decision is not  up to me. 

We will keep our website updated with information as it does change quickly.  

I found this article to be beneficial:  

Due to the extension of the Stay at Home Order, we will have graduation on July 1. 

I was hoping that we would be able to figure something out and be able to have our ceremony on June 10, but we can't and follow the guidelines that are currently in place.  

Many of us are from around here, so it would be easy to just change the date at a moment's notice but we do have people from out of state that wish to be present.  To be fair to them, we need to give them enough time to plan ahead. 

I hope you understand that we cannot please everyone and we have made decisions trying to be mindful that we are creating this as we go along.

All classes must be completed by June 10, 5pm. 

Caps and gowns can be picked up at the following days from 5pm-6pm:






Additional days/times:

6/22-6/25 from 9am-2pm


Fee of $55 is due at pickup time or checks can be mailed to :


 10100 East D Ave 

Richland, MI 49083

If you are unable to afford the fee, please let me know.



Details about graduation:


Who: Graduates and their families will each have up to two vehicles in a procession that begins at Grace Springs Church at 6:30 and ends at Living Hope Church. We will be accompanied by the Richland Police and Fire Department. Grads can decorate their cars and wear their caps and gowns as we make our way through Richland. Those not in the procession can meet us at the church

What: Graduation Ceremony at Sunset

Where: Start at Grace Springs Church and ends at Living Hope Church

When: July 1, 6:30 meet time and starting upon arrival

Why: Duh?


Additional details:

Ceremony will be held outside (assuming that social distancing measures will still be in place) at the back of the church. There is a large grassy field. Each family will be assigned a space, which will be marked with chalk.

We would like for each family to provide a portable canopy for their area, lawn chairs, blankets and decorate their section. You can come up earlier in the day to do this. Details to be decided, following social distancing rules.

If you are unable to provide a canopy, please let Mts. Walker know.

Gateway will provide a banner to hang from the canopy with grads picture on it, a party basket per family (we will need a headcount), beverages, bug spray, glowie sticks and a porta potty :)


We understand that it will be hotter than any of us would like. It might rain. There will be bugs. There will be plenty of things to complain about (wait until you see my hair in the humidity!!). We could focus on all of the negative instead of remembering what is important...the 18 graduates who worked their butts off to have a memorable night...and by gosh...we will do our darndest to give them that.


Whatever night we's going to be awesome!

I will try to provide more clarification as we get closer but I am finally able to share these details with you.

We have never had to limit the number of guests but I will have to follow the rules set by the keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to "party like it's 1999"....yeah, that was kinda lame but you know what I mean.



 Ashlynn Schwartz, recipient of The Lambert Family Scholarship

Recipient of the Beth Palmatier Gateway Scholarship, Kailob Chartrand.

 The GLCS Foundation presents the Blair Holden Memorial Scholarships to Emma Cione and Kailob Chartrand. 

Graduation Video