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Happy Friday Before We Start School In Person!!!


As you hopefully by now remember, Gateway students will start in person Monday morning at 7:40am.  Our staff is counting the hours until we see all our students and the students feel the same way, I am sure :)


Please remember that students will need to wear masks during the day.  We will give "mask breaks" and allow students to go outside, so they may want to bring something warm to warm on the colder days. We will also let them work outside when weather permits. 


Keep in mind that this is our first pandemic.  Some things will work better than others.  We will evaluate what works...and what doesn't and keep trying until we get it right. 


Students, an invitation was sent for you to join our Google classroom.  Please respond so that you will be able to order lunch and do other activities we will be sending your way.  


We know that many  are anxious about coming Monday and we want to do everything we can to make the day less strenuous. Please contact me this weekend if you have ideas that can help with the transition. 


I have attached a few letters to this email.  One set is about a food program that will begin in a few weeks.  The form will be sent home Monday and need to be returned asap.  

The other attachment is about fall testing. 

Please contact me with questions. 


Due to the pandemic, all students will have access to free meals (we're thinking until the end of December or possibly longer) but we are requesting that all families fill out a form for us to submit.  If you have already filled out a form, you do not need to fill it out again. We are sending them home Monday and would like them back asap. 


Our schedule looks like this:

740 school starts

800 classes begin (remember, doors lock at 801)

945 hand washing/break

1100 lunch

1130 building cleaning (by teachers) afternoon work based projects or working on classes on chromebooks or outdoor activities

130 hand washing

200 school dismissed


Students will not be permitted to use their phones during class and will be going through withdrawal, I am sure.  They are used to using them 24/7 and it's going to be a shock when they have to be without them. We will be patient (just a little) but do not want to be taken advantage of.  


I wish you the best and hope you all know how much we care. 

Enjoy your weekend





Can you believe that by this time next week, all of the kids will be with us!! The staff and I are extremely excited to welcome back returning students and look forward to connecting with new ones.


Each one of the parents will be receiving a phone call or text from a staff member within the next day or two.  Our goal is to talk to everyone by Wednesday. If you don’t wish to receive a call, then respond to this email asap and let me know. Otherwise,  if you haven't heard from one of us by Thursday, please reach out to me.  Make a list of your questions so you don't forget :)


The following are a few questions I have received so far (please note that our handbook is referenced for more detail, but I have summarized when possible):


School start/stop time/tardiness policy:

See handbook

Doors open at 715 but the lobby is open at 700.

School starts at 740.  Students are marked absent after 740.  Students may come after 740 if there is an emergency up until 800 or if they have documentation for an appointment.

At 801 doors lock and students are not permitted in.

Students need to be excused by their adult or they are considered skipping school. Students that skip school are suspended for the following day:   their online account is disabled and they cannot work from home. 


Our cleaning procedures and plan when students are sick:

See District Health and Safety Document

Staff will sanitize rooms at 1130.  Students will wash hands on a rotating basis every two hours, starting at 930.

If a student is not feeling well, he/she will be isolated and a parent will be called and someone will need to pick up the student. 


Our dress code for clothes and masks:

See handbook

Nothing worn should distract from education.


What happens if a student brings an illegal item/substance to school:

See handbook

If a student wants to bring a vape or other illegal items to school, Gateway is not the right place to be and we will be glad to help him/her to find another school.


What happens if a student fights:

See Handbook

We are too small of a school to have fighting and I’m not big enough to break up one. If there are issues that could lead to a fight, we have ways of helping students resolve them before it goes too far. 


Phone policy:

See handbook

Use during breaks or lunch.  If phone is needed during class time, ask first before using or it will be taken away.



Gateway will not be providing blankets this year (although if a student would like a blanket and doesn't have one, he/she should let a teacher know and we will be glad to see what we can do).  It is the responsibility of each student to make sure blankets are clearly labeled and easily identified. 

We will provide two masks to be left at school to students that want them.   Students will need to provide masks for their rides to and from school. Masks will be washed daily. 


What does a “typical” day look like?

Students sanitize upon entering the building and are given masks.

We begin with breakfast until 800.

From 800-930, students will work on classes. 

Break begins with **handwashing at 930 and lasts until 945.  

From 945-1100 students work on classes.

Lunch is 1100-1130.

Masks will be rotated after lunch.

Staff will clean work surfaces at 1130, clean up the kitchen and students will **wash hands.

The afternoon will consist of exercise and work based learning opportunities.

Laundry will start at 100 (blankets and masks).

**Handwashing at 130.

Dismissal at 200.

School in person Monday/Tuesday, ^^remote Wednesday, in person Thursday/Friday

**students may wash hands more than at just designated times and sanitizer is available around the building

^^remote learning details: students work toward meeting daily goal,  or work on projects, must check in with teacher

Food services:

Food is free for all students, regardless of income. Students that wish to bring food from home are encouraged to have pre packaged items when possible. Staff will be serving students from the kitchen and limiting extra time in our kitchen area. 


How will I know if school closes?

You will receive a call from the district, I will post on Facebook, you will receive an email, and many times, Channel 3 will also have an announcement. Gateway usually follows the schedule of the District although there have been times when, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had a different schedule. We try to give as much notice as possible when this happens.  Please make sure our staff has current contact information on file. 


Will there be standardized testing this year?

If it were up to me, the answer would be no, but it’s not up to me.  I will be sending a separate email on Friday with information about testing on October 27 or 29 for all students.


Do I need to fill out any more forms this year?

Yes.  All families need to fill out the following Covid-19 Health Screening Health Agreement (one per family)


Have a great Monday and we will talk with you soon.


Lynnette Walker, M.A. Ed.

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