• Welcome to Gateway Academy  
    Gateway Student and Ryan Intermediate student working in the Ryan garden.     Gateway students teaching technology at the RACC                               
    Visit our website at http://www.gatewayacademy.weebly.com.
    Throughout our country, alternative schools serve students who have difficulty in successfully completing their education in a traditional setting. Gateway Academy is here to meet the needs of students who….
    - display emotional or behavior issues
    - are under-performing academically
    - are at a high risk of dropping out or being expelled from school
    - need individualized instruction to meet state mandated graduation requirements
    - need credit recovery for multiple subjects

    The staff of Gateway Academy are members of the Michigan Alternative Education Organization (MAEO) and the National Alterative Education Association (NAEA) which will enable us to receive training relevant to the alternative education student and collaborate with other educators in an effort to better serve our students.
    In an effort to enhance the educational experiences of our students, we have adopted ten exemplary practices recommended by the NAEA. These practices were forged from research on productive alternative programs and the wisdom of alternative educators. The practices relate to the following areas:

    - Mission and Purpose
    - Leadership
    - Climate and Culture
    - Staffing and Professional Development
    - Curriculum and Instruction
    - Student Assessment
    - Transitional Planning and Support
    - Parent/Guardian Involvement
    - Collaboration
    - Program Evaluation

    Gateway Academy fully supports the mission of Gull Lake Community Schools in educating every child to achieve his/her full potential. We offer individual course planning, structured settings, flexible hours and so much more. Please contact Lynnette Walker for more information at 269.548.3425

    * The Gull Lake Partnership is a program of Gull Lake Community Schools and is available to all students residing within Kalamazoo County and all school districts that are contiguous to Kalamazoo County. All classes in the partnership, the traditional school, Gull Lake Virtual and Gateway Academy are available to all students enrolled in Gull Lake Schools.