• leader in me  
    The Ryan Intermediate Staff went through the Leader in Me Vision and Implementation Training prior to the 2014-2015 school year. The Leader in Me training uses 7 Habits to teach basic leadership principles to our students. These skills are often neglected skill sets for making good choices, for getting along well with others and for managing time wisely.
    As the school year unfolds, Ryan children are learning the language and meaning of the 7 Habits. By hearing the same language at home and at school, you send the children a strong message of what you believe is important and that we are all on the same team-the team that wants to help succeed. When parents and schools support one another, the sky is the limit!
    Below is a summary of each of the habits:
    Habit 1 Be Proactive (You’re in Charge)
    Habit 3 Put First Things First (Work First, Then Play)
    Habit 4 Think Win Win (Everyone Can Win)
    Habit 6 Synergize (Together Is Better)
    Habit 7 Sharpen the Saw (Balance Feels Best)
    For additional information regarding the Leader in Me, please go to their site
    Ryan is busy moving forward with many Leader in Me initiatives. One of our goals was to create more color in our building. Part of that initiative was to paint all of the bulletin boards throughout the schools hallways. This was a huge project and the PTO was busy working on the logistics of how to make this happen. That's when an amazing opportunity was offered to our school. Our Richland Police Chief  Mr. Jeff Mattioli offered to coordinate his officers for volunteer work and paint all of the bulletin boards for the students and staff. PTO parent volunteers partnered with the Richland Police Department and made this vision a reality. Words can not express enough the gratitude the students and staff have for our Police Chief Mr. Mattioli and our officers for their volunteered service! They not only protect our community but they truly care about our schools and they set an amazing example of strong leadership for our students. As our students take charge of their education and learn the tools necessary for building strong leadership skills, they experienced through synergy that "Together is Better" and partnering with our community is an important part of their educational success.
    Students say "Thank You for Making Our School Awesome"