• Kellogg Elementary

    Kellogg Elementary is one of two elementary schools in the Gull Lake Community School district.  Kellogg's school population consists of Early Childhood Special Education, Young Fives, kindergarten through second grade with approximately 212 students.  In addition to regular classroom instruction students also receive instruction in art, music, physical education and Spanish.  Students may also qualify for EXCEL, an academic enrichment program.  Additional services include reading support, math support, special education, social work, ELL,and speech therapy.

    Accreditation Status
    Kellogg Elementary's accreditation is now reported through the new Michigan School Report Card, which also meets the requirements set forth by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.


    School Improvement
    Kellogg  Elementary strives to provide a positive learning environment for all students, which will encourage and enable them to achieve their personal best.  As we review our improvement plan each year we continue to make modifications and adjustments to improve student learning through (RTI) response to intervention.  Our three goals areas for this year include:
       Improve reading comprehension 
       Math Fluency
       Process Writing
    Kellogg Elementary participates in MiBLSi (Michigan's Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative).  Through MiBLSi, we worked on  implementing research based reading interventions and school wide Positive Behavior Supports.  Because a number of other schools from Kalamazoo County also participate in the trainings, we were able to share ideas with other schools and problem-solve specific issues within our building.  MiBLSi pairs academic and behavior interventions.  
    Kellogg uses data from our Core Reading Program, DIBELS, Delta CBM, STAR, MEAP,and SWISS to analyze and make changes to our instruction in order to increase student learning.