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2018 Bond

2018 Bond Construction Update #1

Jeff Brown -Gull Lake Board of Education Treasurer/Bond Chair 

On May 6th the Gull Lake community approved a construction bond for the purpose of facility updates within the District. The project includes construction and/or remodeling of Kellogg Elementary, Richland Elementary, Ryan Intermediate, the long awaited High School Performing Arts Auditorium, continued technology updates and smaller projects including maintenance and storage buildings and ADA athletic improvements.

For construction to meet the expectations of the community a structure has been created to solicit input from District staff and leaders, oversee projects, make crucial decisions and align the project scope with the needs identified to be addressed by the project. The Board of Education is the Decision Overseer; this function is exercised primary through the Bond Steering Committee which is chaired by Jeff Brown who is joined by Brad Bagley and Jon Scott from the Board. The Committee also includes acting Superintendent Anderson and other appropriate GL staff as well as architects, construction management and Gull Lake’s owner’s representative. The Core Team is the Process Overseer which focuses on Design and oversees the entire Bond issue. The Design Input Committees which include building Principals, faculty/staff representatives, technical advisors and administration give very specific building and room design input based on current and anticipated future needs to be addressed with the construction project.

To set the time line for construction, multiple factors have been considered. These include; limiting the volume of work bid at one time to allow for  bids from a wide variety of contractors, limiting the amount of work under construction at one time to avoid disruption within the District, addressing the needs of Kellogg Elementary early in the construction cycle given the challenging condition of the facility, biding during favorable times of the year to improve competitive bids, minimizing the potential for inequities between Kellogg and Richland Elementary by bidding them near the same time. The goal is to build high quality facilities, meet each time line and construct within the scope of the budget, it is critical to do this with minimal disruption to our students, staff and community.

Based on these and other significant factors the following time line has been approved by the Steering Committee:

  • Maintenance and Storage Buildings and Athletic/ADA improvements: Bid Feb 2019, Construction Spring 2019 -Sept 2019
  • Kellogg Elementary: Bid Spring 2019, Construction June 2019-August 2020
  • Ryan Intermediate: Bid Spring 2019, Construction June 2019-October 2020
  • Richland Elementary: Bid September 2019, Construction November 2019-March 2021
  • HS Performing Arts Auditorium Bid February 2020, Construction April 2020-July 2021.

Please check the Communicator and the Website regularly for construction updates. Please forward any questions or thoughts to the Bond Steering Committee via acting Superintendent Anderson.