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Amy DeYoung

Transportation Director


Transportation Office Email:

Phone: 269.548.3890

Fax: 269.548.3401 


Transportation Handbook

Registration for Bus:

All parents are required to register their child(ren) for the upcoming school year if a ride is needed. This is separate from the online enrollment process. Registrations will be sent to all In-District families from EZrouting via email starting in May each year to the primary contact that is listed with your child’s school. Transportation can be requested via the link or Through the BusQuest App.  

All parents are encouraged to download the BusQuest App within the link especially if you are using a smartphone.  With the BusQuest App, you will be able to track the bus and receive notifications if a bus is canceled, running late, or if there is a change to your bus route. Be sure to go into the settings on your phone and turn on notifications for the BusQuest App, otherwise you will not receive notifications and the messages will go only to your email. We no longer do robocalls for bus cancellations. 

To use the BusQuest App to register, click on student name, select the 2024-2025 school year, select Transportation, add a Detailed Transportation Request.  You must do this for each student you desire transportation for. 

Students will be assigned to buses in the order the registrations are received until buses are full.   Do not share or forward the registration link as this will connect your account with other people and will give them access to your child’s account.  Contact the Transportation Department if you do not receive a registration link. 

Registration links are only sent to the PRIMARY contact, you may change the primary contact with your school if needed.  

Please make sure your address, email address and phone numbers are up to date with your child’s school so that the correct information is being delivered through Synergy.  All student information changes must come from your child’s school.

You will need to specify if your child will need transportation for  AM/PM or both.  Please use the comments section to specify if there is an alternative address or daycare address and what address will be used for AM and PM. Alternate addresses will only be considered if there is room on the bus that services the address. 

If you register your student but do not submit a transportation request, transportation will not be considered for your student.

Once your registration is received you will be notified if your child has been “accepted” for the bus.  If your bus request is “declined” due to the bus being at capacity, your student will be placed on a waiting list. 

School of Choice students will not be sent a registration link until all “in-district” students who have registered have been assigned to buses.  Available spots for School of Choice families will be determined several weeks after school has started.  At that time, if there are spots available, registration links will be sent and School of Choice students will be added in the order the registrations are received.  

Buses will fill up fast, please make sure you send in your registration link ASAP and specify if your student needs transportation AM, PM or Both.  Please note in the comments section if you need an additional address for your child and we will do our best to accommodate.

Bus information including bus number, pick up and drop off location and times will be available in EZrouting and the BusQuest App a week before school begins.  

Students are required to be at the bus stop 15-minutes prior to the time stated for the first three weeks of school. After that, times will start to stabilize, at that time, please have your student(s) out 10 minutes prior to the adjusted times.  Do not allow students to wait in the house or in cars.  They must be at the bus stop when the bus arrives. 


Special Needs Transportation Information

In order for the Gull Lake Community Schools Transportation Department to provide safe and efficient transportation, we need to team with the parents of our special needs students and identify mutual expectations.

Below are the expectations for both drivers and parents.

Bus Driver:

1. Bus stop times will be identified to ensure the proper amount of time is given to meet the loading needs of students and adequate time is given between bus stops.

2. The bus driver will make a complete stop at each bus stop location and look for the student. If the student is not out and ready to board the bus at the designated time, the bus will proceed to the next bus stop location.

3. If the bus arrives at the bus stop more than 5-minutes prior to the scheduled bus stop time, the driver will wait for the 5-minute window before leaving the bus stop.

4. Drivers cannot wait while parents return to the house or car to retrieve personal items.

5. For drop-off situations the driver will wait if the bus arrives early to the bus stop location until the designated drop-off time. If parents are not at the bus stop at the designated time, the bus will proceed to the next bus stop. 

6. Drivers shall only stop at the designated bus stop locations.


1. Parents must have the student ready and waiting for the bus 5-minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. 

2. All items such as backpacks, personal items etc., must be ready and with the student. 

3. Parents must call if the student is not going to ride the bus at least 30-minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. If a student does not ride the bus for 3 consecutive days and the parent has not called in, transportation will cease until the parent calls to resume it. If the student does not ride in the morning, but will need a ride from school, please advise. If a student does not ride the bus to school, the bus will not go to the school to pick them up, unless you inform us of the need for a ride home.

4. For drop-off situations parents must be at the bus stop at the designated drop-off time. 

5. Daycare providers are responsible for following the same guidelines as the parents. If you are using a daycare provider, please be sure you provide them a copy of this letter.

6. Current contact information, including an emergency contact person, must be provided directly to the Transportation Department.

These mutual expectations should result in predictable bus stop times and the timely arrival to school and drop-off locations.

There will be times when problems arise due to mechanical failures, weather conditions or student issues that require the bus drivers’ attention and may result in buses arriving late. Parents should wait at least 10-minutes after the scheduled pick-up time before calling the transportation department. Should a situation arise and there is enough time to call parents regarding a late bus, a call will be made to the contact number that has been provided. If you will be waiting with your child outside the house and have a cell phone, please provide the Transportation Department the cell phone number and we will use that number when calling about a delayed bus.

On occasion, buses arrive to drop-off a student and a parent/guardian is not present to meet the student. To avoid delays in the transportation of other students, the driver will proceed and the office will take the following steps:

1. A phone contact will be made to the school to determine if the student can be returned.

2. The police department will be contacted and the student transported to the police department.

Should you have any questions please contact the Transportation Office at 269.548.3891 or the Special Education Office at 269.548.3416.