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STEAM - Grades 9-12

What is Computer Science?

Gull Lake Area Robotics

FIRST Team 4381, the Twisted Devils, from Gull Lake High School is in their 6th year as an FRC team. 

Gull Lake High School - 3rd Annual Innovation Day!

Picture of a student presenter at innovation day.
Picture of a student using a VR at innovation day.
Picture of a student teaching about her project  at innovation day.
Picture of 2 students presenting at innovation day.







Computer Science & Software Engineering

Kyle Bennett has taken what he has learned in Computer Science & Software Engineering and applied his knowledge to a Self Watering, Arduino based, project. Through trial and error, setbacks and jubilations, Kyle has successfully started to grow flowers while not watering them by himself whatsoever. Data is being stored on an SD card for research in which Kyle will use to tweak the system.

Picture of Kyle and his water project