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School Improvement

Gull Lake School Improvement and Accreditation

Gull Lake Community Schools is committed to continuous school improvement and accountability.

  1. Gathering data
  2. Analyzing/studying the data within the context of the School Improvement Framework
  3. Developing a School Improvement Plan
  4. Executing and evaluating this plan
Model of Process Cycle for School Improvement

District School Improvement Survey.

The Gull Lake District School Improvement Survey is an integral part of the continuous process of evaluation for our district and its programs. It provides school leaders and teachers a lens into the thinking and perceptions of our stakeholders. Careful analysis of the results enriches understanding of areas of strength and effectiveness as well as those areas that possibly need improvement. 

The survey results will enable our school leaders to measure stakeholders’ attitudes and help target improvement strategies focused on student achievement as well as school and district effectiveness. 

Survey access can be found at on the main page. Click on the tab labeled District School Improvement Survey.

Thank you in advance for your participation.