• Welcome To ParentVUE!
    We hope you use the capability you find here to facilitate your child’s education. ParentVUE is a wonderful tool to establish a communication channel between the home and the school in order to monitor assignments, attendance and grades.
    Please note your student(s) have their own ID/Password which is different from the credentials you create.
    Use the information found below to login to ParentVUE for the first time and please let us know how we might make your experience better in the future.
    Steps to follow to create your account
       1. Go to the Gull Lake Community Schools Website – www.gulllakecs.org
       2. Choose the Synergy icon in the blue menu bar of the website or go to the Parents section of the                website and choose ParentVUE
       3. Choose “I am a parent”.
       4. Click the link “I have an activation key and need to create an account”.
           Activation Step 1: Type in your first name, last name and activation key as they appear below.
           Activation Step 2: Choose a user ID, password and enter your primary email address.
    You are done and ready to use ParentVUE to track your student’s progress!

    Activation First Name:   SAMPLE
    Activation Last Name:   STUDENT
    Activation Key:             XXXXXXX
    Web Address:               http://synergypvue.micase.org/glc
    Your activation key has no expiration date