• Scheduled Bus Times
    Many parents ask why the times on their child’s post card are not more accurate. Below is the process used prior to sending the postcards and what happens after the postcards are mailed to parents.

    In May of each year, there is an article in the Communicator requesting parents contact the Transportation Office with any known changes to their child’s bussing address, for the following school year.

    The postcard represents an estimated pick-up and drop-off time, based upon all the known students in the system and the home or daycare address on file.

    Many parents wait until the postcards are received to contact the Transportation Office with their home and/or child care address changes. New enrollments continue to be received, with the majority being received after the school buildings reopen in late August.

    In the two or three weeks between the postcards being mailed and school starting, hundreds of changes are made to routes, based upon new or different information being received in Transportation.

    It is due to this magnitude of changes, that parents are requested to have their child to the bus stop 15-minutes prior to the time on the postcard for the first two weeks of school. By Friday of the second week most routes have stabilized. 
    The stabilized bus stop time then becomes the time that parents should be able to rely on the bus being at the bus stop. Parents can then return to having their child at the bus stop 10-minutes prior to the stabilized bus stop time.  

    What Parents Can Due to Help with Bus Stop Times:
    - Notify the Transportation Department of any known changes to your child’s home address and/or daycare address in May.
    - Parents with children who will be juniors or seniors the following school-year and will require transportation should request it prior to the    end of July.

    - Enroll your child in the GLCS prior to the end of July. The Transportation Department is open all summer and we are happy to assist you  in the enrollment process. Enrollment papers may be sent directly to Transportation or personally dropped off.
    - Upon receiving the postcard, contact the Transportation Department immediately of any changes.