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Common Core - State Standards Initiative
Common Core
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) website contains web versions of the standards or PDF versions to download or print.
The Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics Common Core website contains K-5, 6-8 and High School versions of the CCSS Mathematics Standards.
A general introduction to CCSS, with links to MDE's support documents, is on the MDE website. The MDE Q&A is at the bottom of their webpage.
Overview & Background

Technical Assistance PowerPoint
(Provided by Ingham Intermediate School District) February 15, March 1, March 23, 2011

Common Core State Standards Primer

College & Career Readiness Standards PowerPoint
(Provided by Ingham Intermediate School District) February 15, March 1, March 23, 2011

Becoming Internationally Competitive
Linda Darling Hammond (Video - 08:45)

Activities & Tools
Complete Handout Packet
(Provided by Ingham Intermediate School District from Technical Assistance Meetings)

Structure of the Document, including cross-disciplinary standards
   between Mathematical Practices & ELA Reading & Writing Standards
Uses the ELA Speaking and Listening Standards

GLCE transition "crosswalk" Documents
MDE English Language Arts

   K-2 ELA
   3-5 ELA
   6-8 ELA
   9-CCR ELA

MDE Mathematics "Crosswalk" docs are on the MCTM website
   With changes from GLCEs (Ingham ISD)

Unit Development Tools

Understanding by Design Unit Planning Template

Other National Standards Initiatives

   SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium

Science Education Standards

   Timeline for development of New Science Standards (a graphic by Mike Gallagher, Oakland Schools)

   Conceptual Framework for New Science Education Standards, by the National Academy of Sciences

   Frequently Asked Questions about the Conceptual Framework

Additional Resources

Moving Forward with the Common Core, by Sarah Fine, published online in Education Week 10/14/10

Implementing the Common Core State Standards
, by Willard Daggatt

Beyond Business as Usual
 by David T. Conley, University of Oregon

IES Practice Guides
, What Works Clearinghouse (Adolescent Literacy, Mathematics RtI, Fractions, etc.)

National Technology Plan
in support of 21st century learning through the Common Core State Standards
Partnership for 21st Century Skills - a national effort to integrate 21st Century Skills into all classrooms

Kent ISD Common Core website

Related Education Policy Information

Update: Proposal to Reset MEAP Cut Scores - A Report to Ingham County Superintendents (February 2011)