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Welcome to Gull Lake Community Schools!
On behalf of the Gull Lake Community Schools Board of Education and our school community, I welcome you. We are extremely proud of our school district and the community that we serve.
Our mission is to “educate every child to achieve his/her full potential”. We will do whatever it takes to ensure the fulfillment of our promise. Our focus on student achievement has produced a reputation that is second to none! In our system, we work to create strong lasting partnerships with parents and guardians and believe that together we assure a high-quality education that encompasses academics, the arts, and athletics.
Thank you for your interest in Gull Lake Community Schools. We invite you to join us on an exciting journey.
Transparency Reporting
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* The Gull Lake Home School Partnership is a program of Gull Lake Community Schools and is available to all students residing within Kalamazoo County and all school districts that are contiguous to Kalamazoo County. All classes in the partnership, the traditional school, K12 and Gateway Academy are available to all students enrolled with Gull Lake Schools.

District News

Attention Parents, Students and Community Members-
The phone and fax numbers at all GLCS buildings have changed. The new numbers are listed below and on each school webpage.
Admin. Building Phone: 548-3400             Fax: 549-3401             
Transportation Phone: 548-3891                Fax: 548-3401
High School Phone: 548-3500                   Fax: 548-3501                  
Middle School Phone: 548-3600                Fax: 548-3601
Ryan Int. Phone: 548-3700                        Fax: 548-3701      
Kellogg Elem. Phone: 548-3800                Fax: 548-3801
Richland Elem. Phone: 548-3900              Fax: 548-3901    
GL Partnership Phone: 548-3430              Fax: 548-3431
2016 Middle School Pre-Tryout Clinic(s)  
Middle School Volleyball Clinic Flyer  Wednesday August 24 th 6-8 pm
 Friday August 26th 10-12am
Bus Stop and Transportation Notice 
Postcards with Bus Stop Information should be arriving to your home shortly. Please review the information and contact the Transportation Office immediately should any of the information be incorrect. 
Please have your students at the bus stop 15-minutes prior to the time on the postcard for the first 3 weeks of school. Within this time frame route times should stabilize. After routes stabilize, please have your student at the bus stop 10-minutes prior to the stabilized time. This is important because if there is a substitute bus driver on the route, or there is inclement weather, the driver may leave up to 10-minutes early to ensure the bus arrives to school on time. 
During the first few days of school, buses may leave 15 to 30 minutes late from the school buildings. This is due to students and teachers properly identifying the correct school bus and making sure all students are boarded prior to leaving the school. Please do not become overly concerned if the bus is up to 30 minutes late dropping your student off. However, at the same time, we do not want parents to become overly anxious waiting for their students to arrive home safely. Should you need to contact the Transportation Department during the first few days of school, or anytime throughout the school year, the direct phone number is: 269-548-3891.